Our Story

Eva Cassis is a Sydney based ethical fashion label with a ‘slow and humble’ philosophy. Launched in 2012, with a desire to create sustainable, considered and timeless garments and accessories - separating the label from the fast fashion market.

Eva believes it is imperative that we provide kinder, more sustainable options for customers. A beautiful garment alone is not enough anymore, the story of process & creation should be transparent & beautiful too.

Our Clothing

Eva’s range of linen garments are created by incorporating both Western & Japanese pattern making techniques to achieve elegant free flowing silhouettes that flatter the female figure at any size.

Handmade locally in Sydney using luxurious natural fibers. Inspired by tone & texture you can expect only the highest quality fabrics & unique details incorporated with English lace & hand stitching techniques.

Each & every piece is created slowly & mindfully in limited runs to ensure each garment is handmade with care & attention to every detail.

Our Accessories

Eva Cassis accessories are designed as the perfect complement to our unstructured free following garments. Our bold designs are created sustainably & ethically limiting environmental impact. Drawing inspiration from the traditional Japanese aesthetics of Wabi-Sabi centred on the acceptance of transience & imperfection.

Eva creates her designs with the most beautiful handcrafted & sustainable materials. Tactile recycled glass beads reminiscent of beach glass combined with hand carved native timbers (sustainably sourced of course), semi precious stones, recycled fabrics & handmade amulets collected from around the world.

Our Studio

The Sydney studio has successfully implemented processes to ensure there is minimum waste created through production with the aim of leaving a marginal environmental footprint.

Eva only uses natural fibres & prioritises fabrics dyed with low impact dyes minimising chemical pollution caused by the textile industry. (Not to mention much healthier for us to wear)

Off cuts are regularly incorporated into new designs & excess donated to make boomerang bags for charity, donated to fellow textile artists or donated to be used as punching bag stuffing reducing our wastage and environmental footprint.

All collaborators are fairly paid and fairly treated in accordance with global ethical standards.

Above all, the Eva Cassis label is fighting the good fight for a fashion world that is kinder to the Earth, and its people.

All Eva Cassis garments and eco jewellery are ethically handmade in Sydney with love.


“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness”

- Mahatma Gandhi