5 ways to wear the Daphne Linen Dress

The clothes you wear should make you feel like a million bucks. They should fit beautifully. They should be flattering for your body shape. And they should have all those little finishing touches that make a garment magical.

That’s the Daphne Linen Dress. With her long sleeves and soft gathered waist she is feminine, stylish and comfortable. Did we mention she has pockets?

The Daphne Linen Dress is striking in her simplicity. But that’s what makes her so versatile. You can dress her up or dress her down and know that however you wear her, you’ll feel amazing.

If you want to know more about the sizing, fabric, cut and fit of the Daphne Linen Dress, Eva covers it all in her style chat below. 


The truth is, it’s Eva’s design genius that has created this dress that is always flattering, no matter your body shape. From the way the pockets are designed to not add bulk to the dress or how the shoulder seam sits just off the shoulder so it drapes beautifully, Eva has considered every detail.

Here are five different ways you can wear the Daphne Linen Dress and make the most of her as a sustainable fashion piece in your season-less capsule wardrobe.

Woman wearing charcoal linen dress

Throw on a jacket

You know how you can’t wear a jacket with some dresses because they feel bulky? That’s usually because there is too much bulk in the dress which makes it uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s also that the fabric is too heavy or stiff so adding a jacket just accentuates that.

Not with Daphne. 

Both the Daphne fabrics - the vintage washed linen for the Dove Grey and the high-twist crinkle linen for the Charcoal and Oatmeal - are super soft. The drape and cut of the sleeve is also streamlined to not add extra bulk on the arms.

Whether it’s a lightweight cardigan, a black corporate jacket or a heavier coat for the middle of winter, you’ll find them all very easy to wear with Daphne.

Close up of the gathered waist of a linen dress

Layer up underneath

If you’ve worn Eva Cassis garments before, you’ll know that our signature fit is relaxed and flowy. The Daphne Linen Dress is no different.

The main measurement you need to consider with Daphne is the bust measurement. Everywhere else the dress is designed with a relaxed fit in mind. It’s a bit like magic really - you can be heavily pregnant and the Daphne dress will look as good on you as it does on anyone else. 

What that means for layering is that you can comfortably fit layers underneath, such as a light long sleeve merino undershirt or turtleneck. You won’t feel extra bulk and you also won’t be pulling at the dress or your layers underneath trying to make yourself comfortable. 

Woman wearing dove grey linen dress

Pop on a scarf

On those days when you just can't, the Daphne Linen Dress is what you’ll reach for in the wardrobe. You know she fits. You know she makes you feel good. And you know that she goes with everything in your wardrobe.

But if you need to add a little something to Daphne, to give you more of a lift, a scarf is the way to do it. You could go with a linen scarf to complement in with the Daphne fabric or go with a contrasting fabric or heavier wool knit.

This dress is actually an adaptation of another Eva Cassis design - the Dalia Linen Dress. The main difference is that the Daphne doesn’t have the buttons down the front. That simplified bodice and the rounded neckline are what make Daphne so good for pairing with scarves. There is nothing to catch on and comfort is queen!

Oatmeal linen dress on a mannequin

Go casual with a pair of sandals

At Eva Cassis we choose to use sustainable fabrics, like linen, because of how good they are for the environment and how nice they are to wear. Linen is breathable and it draws moisture away from your body.

Not everyone is comfortable wearing a sleeveless or short sleeve dress in the warmer months, so the Daphne Linen Dress is a fabulous alternative. You’ve got the benefit of longer sleeves - also good for added sun protection - without that hot and sticky feeling you get when you wear other types of fabrics.

Plus she looks great with sandals so you can seamlessly slide her into your wardrobe all year round. 

Close up of hand stitched detail on grey linen dress

Up the ante with accessories

There’s one other detali of the Daphne Linen Dress worth mentioning - the hand stitched detailing. With a dress like Daphne, there is nothing to hide behind so every single detail in the design is absolutely intentional. Including the hand stitched detailing.

Eva has purposefully chosen the colour of the hand stitching - which appears on the neckline, shoulders, cuffs and hemline - to add to the versatility of the dress. The Dove Grey Daphne Dress has black hand stitching so when you pop on a pair of black shoes and a black handbag, or even a piece of black statement jewellery, the black from the stitching pops. 

Likewise, the lighter stitching on the Oatmeal and Charcoal Daphne Dresses gives you flexibility to brighten up the style just with a few simple accessories. 

Add the Daphne Linen Dress to your wardrobe

Daphne was designed with you in mind. She is the dress you will turn to day after day, time after time. The beauty of Daphne is the detail and interest in the garment that gives you the versatility to wear her how you want. At Eva Cassis, we don't want everyone to look the same, we want everyone to look like themselves. We design clothes to flatter so you can step into the day in comfort and with confidence. 

Shop the Daphne Linen Dress in Charcoal, Oatmeal and Dove Grey, or browse the rest of our slow fashion collection.