Sustainable Fashion

At Eva Cassis we live and breathe sustainable fashion. 

From the sustainable fabrics we select to our partnerships and our studio procedures, we incorporate eco principles into everything we do.

Sustainability isn’t a bandwagon for us to jump on… it’s a passionate commitment to ensuring a brighter future for our children.

Slow ethos

Slow ethos

Slow fashion is the antidote to the fast-moving consumption of clothing that has become increasingly dominant over the past few decades.

Slow fashion is about buying less… about buying quality garments that will last longer. There is nothing trend based about a slow ethos. When you create slow fashion and buy slow fashion you are taking a long term view to build your own unique style.

At Eva Cassis, our ethos has always been - and always will be - slow and humble. And that reflects through every fibre of our clothing. 

Natural and ethical

Natural and ethical

As part of our commitment to sustainable fashion we only use natural fibres sourced from ethical suppliers. Our suppliers use low tox dyes and the most incredible quality flax that ages beautifully.

You will see a lot of linen used in our range. Over time linen fibres don’t deteriorate with washing so linen clothing lasts longer and is much less likely to develop holes.

The production of linen also has less impact on the environment than other fabrics. Linen doesn’t require any pesticides and uses much less water than cotton. We seek to reduce our impact on the environment wherever possible.

We also use recycled materials such as glass and recycled fabrics as well as sustainably sourced timber in our line of accessories. Our commitment to natural, ethical and sustainable fashion echoes through our entire range.

Sustainable practices

Sustainable practices

Our sustainable fashion practices extend well beyond the fabrics we choose and the suppliers we use. 

In line with our slow fashion ethos we only release limited quantities in our range. All production is outsourced locally in Sydney and collaborators are all paid and treated fairly. One of a kind and speciality pieces are still made at our in-house studio.

We love to source and use deadstock fabrics in our range. These are fabrics - often with unique weaves, patterns and dyes - that would normally be discarded after the season is over. But given the increasing consumer awareness of waste and pollution, slow businesses like Eva Cassis can save these beautiful fabrics and give them new life. 

Where possible we also incorporate offcuts into new designs and always donate excess fabrics to charity or to fellow textile artists.  

The joy of sustainable fashion

The joy of sustainable fashion

There is a wonder and excitement in sustainable fashion and knowing that the clothes that are hanging in your wardrobe have been produced to last for many years to come.

We take great pride in producing our range for you. Our process is considered and deliberate to ensure we produce the finest quality with minimal impact.

Discover our range of slow fashion, sustainable homewares and eco jewellery to experience the joy of sustainable fashion for yourself.