Clothes to Flatter

Every woman wants her clothes to flatter her body shape. She wants to feel sexy and comfortable, confident and stylish. 

But as you know, finding those clothes to flatter isn’t easy. In a market saturated with fast fashion, Eva Cassis stands out as a slow fashion label designed to flatter.

Your Ultimate Destination for Premium Sustainable Slow Fashion

Eva Cassis label, is a haven for women seeking clothes that effortlessly flatter, empower, and embrace the essence of slow fashion. We understand that every woman desires garments that not only enhance her body shape but also exude sensuality, comfort, confidence, and style. In a world oversaturated with fast fashion, we proudly stand out as a slow fashion label with a commitment to flattery and sustainability.

Traditional Pattern Making: Elevating Comfort and Flattery

The predicament with fast fashion lies in its relentless pursuit of fleeting trends, often overlooking the comfort and flattery that women truly desire. Seams twist and pull, causing discomfort throughout the day, leaving you yearning for more. At Eva Cassis, we have the cure for this common fashion affliction: traditional, slow, and considered pattern making.

We value traditional silhouettes and take into account the diverse beauty of women's body shapes at different stages of life and size. Our garments are meticulously crafted to make you feel as good as you look.

Natural Fibres: Sustainable, Breathable, and Timeless

Fast fashion's second dilemma is the use of synthetic fibres (polyester, acrylic, nylon, etc.), which not only harm the environment but also affect factory workers' and consumers' health. Moreover, these fabrics tend to be clingy and uncomfortable for everyday wear. Eva Cassis, however, commits to using only premium natural fibres and sustainable fabrics, such as linen and cotton, in our clothing.

Natural fibres provide breathability, do not cling to your body, and age gracefully, making them ideal for garments you wear day in and day out. With Eva Cassis, you can revel in the comfort and sustainability of natural fabrics.

Comfortable and Flattering: A Perfect Harmony

Designing clothes to flatter is an art that hinges on how a garment makes a woman look and, equally importantly, how it makes her feel. Tight-fitting, constricting clothing is not suitable for everyday wear, and zippers and other hardware components can lead to irritation and discomfort.

At Eva Cassis, our fits are relaxed, offering a unique blend of comfort and style. We embrace dropped shoulders and incorporate deep functional pockets in our sustainable slow fashion dresses that effortlessly slip on. Our relaxed fits allow for freedom of movement, eliminating the need to size up, making our clothing both flattering and comfortable in your size.

Clothes to Flatter Any Shape: Slow and Sustainable Fashion

Our unwavering mission is to create a slow and sustainable fashion label that never loses sight of its core goal: designing clothes to flatter any shape. Eva Cassis garments are crafted to last, evolving with you as your body shape changes over the years. These are pieces you can treasure and proudly wear for years to come.

When you don an Eva Cassis dress or step into a pair of our iconic Tokyo trousers, you will experience the uniqueness and thoughtfulness that goes into each piece. Our clothes are designed for you, embracing your individuality and making you feel stunning, confident, and comfortable.

Eva Cassis is not just a label; it's a commitment to flattery, sustainability, and timeless style. Join us on this remarkable journey of slow fashion and experience clothes that celebrate you.

Our range is designed to last. These are pieces you can treasure and proudly wear for years. As your body shape changes, your Eva Cassis pieces will continue to be the flattering and comfortable wardrobe staples you know and trust.

View our range online and experience the beauty of luxury sustainable fashion for yourself.