Clothes to Flatter

Every woman wants her clothes to flatter her body shape. She wants to feel sexy and comfortable, confident and stylish. 

But as you know, finding those clothes to flatter isn’t easy. In a market saturated with fast fashion, Eva Cassis stands out as a slow fashion label designed to flatter.

Traditional patternmaking

Traditional pattern making

The first major problem with fast fashion is that it’s generally ill-fitting. The buttons don’t sit in the right place, the seams pull and throughout the day you find yourself increasingly uncomfortable.

The cure for this is traditional, considered pattern making that appreciates traditional silhouettes.

Eva Cassis herself manually creates the patterns for each of our garments with no digitisation. She likes the feel of the paper and the slow meticulous adjustments required to perfect the pattern.

Because we create our patterns manually, in-house we can tweak the patterns for different fabrications and play with the proportions to get the most flattering fit. 

Natural fibres

Natural fibres

The second major problem with fast fashion is the fabrics used. 

Synthetic fibres (polyester, acrylic, nylon etc.) are not only harming the environment in their production, they are also clingy and not breathable. This isn’t ideal for garments you will wear day in and day out.

At Eva Cassis we use only natural fibres and sustainable fabrics such as linen in our garments. Natural fibres are breathable. They don’t cling to your body. And they wear well over time, increasing in beauty with age.

Comfortable and flattering

Comfortable and flattering

When designing clothes to flatter, it’s as much about how the garment makes a woman look as it is about how the garment makes her feel.

Tight fitting clothing isn’t comfortable for everyday wear. And neither are zippers and other components of fast fashion that can rub and pull, causing irritation and discomfort. 

Our fits are relaxed. We love dropped shoulders and making dresses that just slip on easily. A relaxed fit also gives movement in the garment. Rather than buying clothing one or two sizes bigger, we can offer relaxed fitting clothing in your size, which means it’s a lot more faltering and comfortable to wear. 

Eva Cassis women's accessories are designed as the perfect complement to our unstructured free following garments. Our bold designs are created sustainably and ethically drawing inspiration from the traditional Japanese aesthetics of Wabi-Sabi centred on the acceptance of transience & imperfection.

Clothes to flatter

Clothes to flatter any shape

In our mission to create a slow and sustainable fashion label we have never taken our eyes off the prize… that is designing clothes to flatter any shape.

Our range is designed to last. These are pieces you can treasure and proudly wear for years. As your body shape changes, your Eva Cassis pieces will continue to be the flattering and comfortable wardrobe staples you know and trust.

When you slip on an Eva Cassis dress or step into a pair of Eva Cassis trousers, you will know that our clothes are unique and designed for you.