Why we use sustainable packaging at Eva Cassis

Plastic is a monumental problem. In Australia, only 13% of plastics are recycled with the rest ending up in landfill. What’s even more terrifying is that scientists predict there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish by the year 2050.

From the very beginning of Eva Cassis, I’ve proudly embraced sustainable packaging. I recognise the plastic problem and have chosen to be part of the solution to reduce single-use plastic waste. 

Eva Cassis ethical fashion wrapped in tissue paper and ready to send to a customer

Plastic not so fantastic

Plastic is ingrained in so much of our society. With the depth and breadth of the problem, it’s easy to feel helpless and hopeless. But there are so many businesses doing incredible things to provide single-use plastic alternatives. Combined with government bans on products like single-use plastic bags and straws, we can all make a difference.

From sorting rubbish at home to seeking out single-use plastic alternatives, every little action counts. That’s very much my philosophy. Plastic may not be fantastic… but the actions coming forward to solve the problem certainly are!

Sustainable packaging mailers

Our packaging

It’s important to me that my customers have a luxe experience from the moment they receive their packages to every time they wear their Eva Cassis garments. That’s why my packaging is so important. 

Sustainable packaging shouldn’t mean a less than premium experience for my customers. That’s why I recently switched from the compostable bags I had previously been using. They were breaking during shipping and there was a risk of damage to garments.

I now use POLLAST!C poly mailers, made from recycled ocean bound plastic pollution. Made with a 200% carbon offset production process, these bags are soft plastic recyclable. For styles that need extra protection, I also use a compostable poly bag. These are made from biodegradable materials and will break down in home compost within 3-6 months.

It’s not just the mailers that follow our sustainable approach. Our packing slips, info cards and thank you cards are all printed on recycled paper. We also only use tissue paper to wrap our parcels with no sticky tape. And our jewellery bags are made from organic cotton.

I recognise that there are new developments happening in the packaging industry all the time. I keep my finger on the pulse so I can move with the times and embrace better solutions as they’re available. I’m currently exploring bamboo mailers to further reduce our footprint. 

Eva Cassis sustainable packaging

More than packaging

Eva Cassis is nothing without the ethical values we hold so dear. When I started the label, I wanted to do things differently to the fashion industry norms. People told me it wouldn’t work. But here we are, more than a decade later staying true to those same ethical values.

The reason for this success? I have committed to the values of the brand in everything I do. Our packaging is just one way we hold true to our values. I also use sustainable fabrics to make our garments. I follow a slow ethos that prioritises quality over quantity. I work with ethical suppliers and partners to ensure every step of the production process aligns with my values.

I invite you to discover my range of ethical, sustainable and timeless fashion. I design clothes to flatter for women of all ages to make you look and feel like your most fabulous self.