A modern guide to clothing care

Caring for your clothes really does make a difference in how long – and how well – they last. Quite simply, loved clothes last. Of course, buying quality, ethically made clothing helps but how you take care of that clothing is just as important.

Proper clothing care helps the fibres in your garments to stay strong and the colours vibrant, extending the life of your clothing and saving you money. Lower washing temperatures and natural drying methods also help to minimise your environmental impact.

In this clothing care guide, I explain the best way to care for your clothes so you enjoy them in your wardrobe for many years to come.

Stack of folded Eva Cassis ethically made garments

A note on sustainable fabrics

Before I dive into the ins and outs of how to take care of your clothes, I think it’s important to briefly mention the difference between slow fashion vs fast fashion

The fast fashion industry thrives on clothes not lasting. In many cases, it doesn’t matter how well you care for your clothes, they still end up stretched, faded, pulled and holey. These garments aren’t designed to last. They’re cheap… and it reflects in the quality you receive.

I produce ethical fashion. It’s made slowly with sustainable fabrics that will stand the test of time. I use fabrics like cotton and linen that are breathable and long lasting thanks to their natural fibres. There really is no comparison.

Eva Cassis ethically made clothing worn by a model

Washing clothing by hand

The advent of the washing machine was an incredible thing. But as wonderful as they are, washing machines can still be quite harsh on clothes. 

If you want to know how to make clothes last longer, one of the best things you can do is to wash them by hand. Follow the below tips for the best results:

  • Use a mild detergent
  • Wash in cold water
  • Agitate the water gently
  • Rinse out all the detergent
  • Avoid wringing as this can distort the shape of the garment
  • Press the water out gently.

If the idea of washing clothing by hand is a step too far for you in your clothing care regime, there is an alternative. Opt for a delicate cycle on your washing machine and use a lingerie bag to protect the garment. No matter how you wash your clothes, always use a mild detergent and cold water.

Eva Cassis ethically made clothing hanging on a rack

Air drying your clothes

Much like its pal the washing machine, the dryer revolutionised the laundry. But the heat from a dryer can weaken the fibres in a garment, causing damage over time. When you invest in quality clothes, this isn’t the result you want.

The best option is air drying. Flat drying helps to prevent stretching, while hanging is suitable for less delicate items. Either way, you should avoid direct sunlight to keep the colours looking as vibrant as possible.

I also recommend reshaping your clothes as they dry to help reduce wrinkles, especially with linen. The wrinkled look is what gives linen its character but excessive wrinkles aren’t ideal. Use your hands to gently press out any wrinkles, paying particular attention to areas like collars, cuffs and hems. 

A model wearing Eva Cassis ethically made fashion

Storing clothes in and out of season

An essential part of how to look after clothes is how you store them in your wardrobe. All the best clothing care in the world is meaningless without proper storage, in and out of season. 

Cotton is a versatile fabric so you can more easily fold cotton garments and store them in drawers. Be careful with linen as it does tend to wrinkle and will benefit from hanging.

In your wardrobe, avoid using plastic or wire hangers. Flocked hangers are a great option to maintain a nice shape in the shoulders. Also, avoid overcrowding as clothes that don’t have adequate breathing space can develop a musty smell.

If you’re storing clothes away out of season, be sure to remove any stains or odours before you pack them away. These may set over time and be much more difficult to deal with when you pull them out to wear again next year. Avoid plastic storage containers or bags and instead opt for breathable containers or cloth garment bags stored in a cool, dry place.

For trans-seasonal dressing, consider layering garments to suit the temperature. Natural fibres do a much better job of temperature regulation than synthetic fibres so you can keep a consistent wardrobe throughout the year. 

A clothing rack full of Eva Cassis ethically made garments

Easy to care for and easy to wear

One of the core philosophies of my business is to design clothes to flatter. I want you to feel incredible every time you wear an Eva Cassis design. I use sustainable fabrics that are easy to care for and a delight to wear. They are breathable, stylish and comfortable.

Explore the collection and discover your new wardrobe favourites.