Embracing style vs fashion trends

In our younger years, we tend to chase trends. We want to fit in with the crowd. To wear the clothes that our peers are wearing and to be considered ‘fashionable’. It’s not a case of style vs fashion… style is fashion.

But then, as we get older, we realise that trends matter less and less. We want to feel comfortable and wear clothes to flatter our changing shape. We want to look fresh and contemporary without needing to wear the latest trends.

How can you avoid fashion trends and still epitomise style? I’m going to explain how.

Eva Cassis is perched on a stool and looking down at the ground. She is wearing dark-coloured, ethically produced clothing.

The difference between style and fashion

Style and fashion are so often confused for the same thing. We equate style with wearing the latest trends and clothing. But it’s not.

As Yves Saint Laurent said, ‘fashion fades, but style is eternal.” 

The difference between style and fashion is that style is defined from within yourself while fashion is defined by society.

Fashion is fickle. It changes constantly, catering to the latest trends that may or not suit your body.

Style is how you dress more than what you wear. It is that feeling of confidence that comes from comfort. One of the many benefits of a capsule wardrobe is that you don’t need to think about what to wear each day. No matter what you reach for in your wardrobe, you know that it will make you feel incredible when you wear it. 

In my mind, style vs fashion isn’t a difficult question to answer. Style wins every time.

Ethically produced garments are hanging on a rack with a tape measure draped over the front garment

How to dress for your style

If you’re feeling lost in what to wear, I always recommend that you start by defining your style. What do you love to wear? Which colours bring you joy? Which fabrics make you feel amazing?

When you know what your style is, you can start to dress for it. You can choose sustainable fabrics and ethical garments that will stand the test of time. You can save time on your shopping because you know which cuts will flatter your shape.

How to dress your style is as simple as that. Knowing what feels comfortable, looks good and makes you feel good and then building your wardrobe around that.

Eva Cassis is leaning on a clothing rack and smiling at the camera. She has a tape measure draped over her neck and is holding an ethically produced garment in one hand.

When to incorporate fashion and trends

While a style built around trends doesn’t have longevity, that’s not to say that trends don’t have their place. 

Style is highly personal. If you love a particular trend, there’s no rule that says you can’t incorporate it into your wardrobe. Style is best when no rules apply and you have the freedom to experiment, explore and define for yourself. 

When you know your style, you’ll know which trends fit within that. You can purchase garments that compliment and respect your style, staying true to who you are. It may be a particular style of shirt that you wear with your trousers. Or fashion-based jewellery or accessories. Whatever it is, embrace your style and own the trend.

Style vs fashion at Eva Cassis

I design for style. That’s the approach I’ve taken from day one and will continue to take in the future. 

When you wear an Eva Cassis garment, you know that I have considered every detail in the design. From the placement of pockets to the drape of the shoulders and the location of the darts, I don’t release a style until I’m satisfied that it’s just right.

While my garments are effortless to wear, that’s due to the time I spend in perfecting the design so you can wear Eva Cassis with confidence. 

I invite you to browse my collection and discover pieces that are designed on slow and ethical principles.